Week 12 RR -Lavonne

CLIMATE SCIENCE AS SENSORY INFRASTRUCTURE is an interesting article which talks multi-perspective of climate science.
 What if the climate be weaponized? It’s an interesting point of view when the author talked about the climate can be controlled and thus be used as weapon during the war.It’s so hard to imagine. Climate is such a natural and unpredictable thus unstable object that can be modelized and controlled.
“We are cyborgs, making a cyborg planet with cyborg weather, a crazed, unstable disingression, whose information and energy systems are out of whack. It’s a de-natured nature without ecology.”
It’s really an urgent issue to radically rethink our position and the role the technology is playing in nowadays. We don’t hope to ruin ourself in the end by the things we invented which were supposed to contribute to us. That would be ironic.

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