A Bracelet’s Worth Two Sentences


The purpose of this assignment was to make an illustration based off of a partners’ object and its emotional connection to them using only two sentences. My partner told the story of a bracelet given to her father by her mother while he underwent chemotherapy upon discovering he had cancer. This trying time for her family brought on a great deal of emotional hardship for my partner and this bracelet became a symbol of hope for her. Upon moving to New York for school, my partners’ father gifted her the bracelet as a reminder that he will always be with her throughout this new stage in her life.

In the first image, I chose to depict the father’s hand wearing the bracelet in a hospital setting, to represent the physical state he was in at the time he received the bracelet. The navy blue surrounding the hand represents the hardship the family must have been going through at this time. The second image depicts the father’s hand placing the bracelet from the first image into his daughter’s hand with the New York skyline in the background, representing her fathers’ recovery and her transition into a new phase of her life. I wanted to use the light blue for the sky to contrast the navy in the former illustration.






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