Kombucha Leather

I made the kombucha leather exactly as stated on the instructions as close as possible. I cleaned the tub, put relatively hot water inside and brewed tea in it, put in sugar and mixed till it melted, then I put in the scobi and the apple vinegar, and then I wrapped it in a towel and put it in a corner.

Through out the entire process I checked the acidity with the strips, once after brewing tea, once after putting in the apple cider, and the last time after putting in the scobi.

I kept it in a corner of my room in the shade wrapped for a week and made the mistake of opening it to take a picture of it and exposing it to germs.

My teacher thought there was mold on it from the last photo and told me to wash it with a cup of vinegar mixed with a little water. Then I left it alone when I left for spring break until I had to take it out.

When I took it out I washed it with soap as instructed and removed all the scum from the bottom and left it on a wooden plank. I decided to slather it with baby oil and sprayed it with febreeze to make it smell nice. I made the mistake of fliping it over while it was drying so it didn’t dry properly.

The result is a wrinkly piece of leather that was pretty stiff.

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