Visual Culture project 4 and 5

Topic: Electric cars, are they really as green as people say?


Thesis Statement:

In the late 1900’s the government and a number of civilians has been focusing on making things more environmentally friendly and other things to take care of the earth and spread awareness of it. Society has been doing this by using less resources, alternative power sources, alternative materials, and adapting technology to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Unfortunately, people have a difficult time agreeing on the right way to be sustainable and whether what we are doing is helping at all. An example of a disagreement is whether or not electric cars are more environmentally friendly than regular gas cars. This argument exists because some people feel like having cars get electricity from electric companies that burn fossil fuels has the same impact as using a gas powered car if not worse. There is also concern for what happens to the batteries inside the cars, once people throw them away.Even if the batteries may not be entirely eco-friendly, electric cars are designed to be more efficient and sustainable than gas powered cars in the long run.


Project Proposal:

A card game that is based off of the Japanese karuta, card, game Uta-garuta, a competitive game where there are 100 poems on cards scattered everywhere around the players and a speaker will read a poem and the players have to find and snatch the corresponding poem before the other players do and whoever has the most cards in the end is the winner. My idea is to replace the poems with facts about electric cars, gas cars, their design, materials, environmental impact, and etc.

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