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My name is Daniel Han, I’m a 19 year old korean american, I was raised in Georgia and decided to become an artist because I was inspired by my love of games, animations, and also because it felt like the only thing I was good at. I am currently put down as undeclared, but I have decided and am in the process of choosing design tech, specifically game design. I choose this major because I wanted to get into the entertainment industry and let other people experience all the fun I had growing up with exiting and fun games.

Throughout my first year here at parsons I made a variety of different artworks ranging from videos to paintings to sculptures and so much more. If I was asked if there was a similarity between all my artwork I would be hard pressed to find it because of how different the classes are from each other. The best I could think of is that they are for the most part is that they  focus on the now and later with a few outliers here and there.

As for the theme my art follows well, I’d say it’s doing everything efficiently and effectively, accomplishing the most i can do with limited resources, skills, and or knowledge.

The things I make are usually about the things we study or go over in class or that I can associate with my class lessons or topics.

What excited me about some of my classes is learning new things like different forms of art, different ways to portray art, and learning new skills and seeing just what I’m capable of by branching out and learning these new things and seeing how well I can use them.

If I did more research I think somethings would have been more refined and better.

Two highlights I experienced were both in my first semester seminar and studio classes. In studio we had to make our own little short film and i created this little piece that talked about my insecurities in my future and had my thoughts represented by a little doll I handmade myself. In seminar we had to do a sound project about our partners and I somehow through good luck and instinct made a great sound project that created a great story that the others could understand.

For the studio class I planed it out by thinking of the over all tone and feel of the letter our teacher had us write and chose to make a tiny black doll to represent my feelings of insecurity. I used some doll making skills I learned at the start of the year, drew up a design for the doll, a small little black one with yellow eyes, went to a fabric store and Michael’s to get the materials I needed, then whenever I had free time  I worked on that doll. During that time I started to think of the shots I would take of the doll with my camera. I decided to do it in places like my dorm, cause I spent a lot of time there, the UC cafeteria and classes, cause I learned and ate there, the student financial service waiting room, cause I felt like I was wasting my parents money and I wanted to portray that, and the highline, a park one of my classes went to and that I used to end my video on an up lifting note. If I had to change anything I guess it would be, try to get more clean shots that weren’t shaky.

For my seminar class me and my partner exchanged info about ourselves and talked about things we like and such. She told me she moved around a lot, liked taking pictures, making clothes, lived in the city mostly, and asked that I put in an indie song she liked. I then started to recored common city sounds like cars, their motors, construction workers, a sowing machine, and had to get some sounds from the internet like airplane turbines, film reels, and the indie song. I than placed it in an order to portray a story of someone living in the city and living their lives, making things, and taking photos but is leaving on a plane remorsefully. I really liked the end result and I wouldn’t change a thing.




These to projects represent to me the few times I felt confident in something I made, in medias I am inexperienced with no less. they are important to me because they show that there are other things I could do as an artist and that I’m kinda good at some of them. The thing that I find interesting is that both revolve around having feelings of uncertainty but are the few things I felt confident and certain in.

In my time here I want to discover just what else I can do to see just how many options I have. Create projects that use these and others as a foundation to improve upon. I would like to get into art like drawing and animating more to get into the animation business, but I am willing to learn and pursue other avenues like sculpture art, programing, or painting.

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