Seminar 2: Learning Portfolio Reflection

Daniel Mullins – a Communication Design major from Edinburgh, Scotland. Whilst at boarding school I studied Art & Design and focused on Fine Arts. For that reason, applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere were rather new to me and I had little experience. However, I feel much more comfortable using them after completing numerous projects during my first year at Parsons.

My first highlight from this year would be the Time: Title Sequence Project. I wanted to give myself a challenge by deciding to base my Title Sequence about opium/heroine transportation from Afghanistan to the United States. I felt as though it was important for me to gather my own footage and footage that is free to the public. I had to research the topic very well to understand which key scenes had to be included in order to take the viewers on a journey and tell them a clear story. I decided on a storyboard and gathered footage that matches the description of each scene. Soon I had a very concise Title Sequence and felt as though I learnt all the basics of Premiere.

My second highlight form this year would be the Final Project in my Photography Concepts class. This project required us to focus and expand on words we studied and created short responses to earlier in the semester. I decided to expanded on Invisibility and Analogy/Analogue, two words that I enjoyed working on the most. The concept was about exploring time and universal transitions of an apple being eaten and a Fanta bottle being drunk, whilst suspending them in mid air. This was definitely one of the most difficult projects I had to do this year as it took so much time and precision when editing in Photoshop. I photographed a set of 13 photos for both the apple and Fanta bottle, after creating a stand to keep them in place.


After exploring the technique of being able to levitate and object in mid air, I was able to utilise this skill in my Final Studio 2 Project for the back of all the playing cards I eventually made.

I think that in the second semester Sustainable Systems complemented my Studio 2 and Seminar 2 classes very well, because all of the classes explored global issues through research and strategic solutions.

Working in groups and going to exhibitions made projects much more exciting, for example, whilst I was studying Objects of History we regularly went to study and learn more from the exhibitions in The Metropolitan Museum. I feel as though this helped me memorise the objects and their information much more effectively.

The Photography Concepts class taught me a lot about photography and made me much more passionate about the subject. I would like to take more photography classes in the future to increase my knowledge and skills. I would still like to learn how to sew, develop photographs, and printmake.

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