Sustainable Systems Work & Influences Presentation

The link below is a download link to the PowerPoint presentation I created:


The following are notes to correspond with the presentation that serve to expand on some of the slides beyond just the images and text already present:


Slide 2:

  • I consider this to be my first important creative endeavor
  • Born out of a love of independent / underground cassette based record labels circulating in online circles / websites / forums (Burger Records being the most prominent example)
  • Used my photoshop and graphic design skills to create cassette J-card inserts and side a / side b label designs
  • Assembled, recorded, and sold tapes
  • Offered artists promotional services / press and booked shows in greater Philadelphia area + east coast
  • Quit label to focus on fashion + photography

Slide 4:

  • Kids I met on the street in Union Square
  • Took a street snap and then met back up + coordinated a shoot

Slide 5:

  • Part of a photo series shot in Iowa visiting family

Slide 6:

  • Ongoing series / hobby / project shooting portraits of individuals on the street
  • Almost exclusively shot in NYC

Slide 9:

  • These looks are all personal outfits from shoots I directed / orchestrated

Slide 10:

  • My most major formal freelance job, walked for Vaquera F/W 17 collection

Slide 11:

  • My (limited) prior experience taking photos and constructing looks led up to this
  • Grew immensely as a photographer and stylist of the course of the mag’s production
  • Started this project with Marley Marc, a friend who I’d met over Instagram
  • Worked for 9 months shooting / styling the project
  • Designed, wrote, shot, styled editorials with Marley
  • Launched the first issue a few weeks ago, VOL. 1 of what will be a regular publication
  • [pass magazine around class]

Slides 12-18:

  • Samples of editorials from ENCOUNTER, all photos shot and styled by me

Slide 19:

  • The subjects of his photos + how they’re dressed as well as his style & composition informed many of my early endeavors when shooting for ENCOUNTER
  • The shoot on page 13 was a hugely influenced by Pierre-Ange’s photos for the Vetements book
  • Captures a scene and a culture that I’m very into (Vetements design crew, models, affiliates)

Slide 24:

  • My favorite record, shot the album cover, 1977

Slide 26:

  • First introduced to him when in New York visiting Dover Street Market during a clothing release
  • Delved into him further from there and he became perhaps my biggest and most important influence
  • Skatewear / streetwear brand Supreme was an important precursor to Gosha for me as an influence, Gosha feels like a progression and evolution, a more cerebral and avant garde Supreme?

Slide 29:

  • All time favorite Gosha collection, F/W 2015

Slide 31:

  • Photos from annual editorials Gosha styled and shot for Supreme. The merging of Gosha and Supreme to me is genius! The aesthetic sensibilities of the two labels go together perfectly.

Slide 32:

  • As a music fan I dearly love his Peter Saville collaboration and use of New Order / Joy Division art, some of my all time favorite artists

Slide 35:

  • Collab with photographer David Sims, Raf’s casting and direction with Sims’ photography
  • Hair and looks are a big inspo

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