Int Studio 1: Fake – Bridge 2 Artifact

Interview Questions:


What were some of the earliest depictions of New York in film, television, or other media that you can recall?


How did those depictions change how you perceived New York? Did it cement a preexisting image of New York in your mind, did it present new elements?


How does American Psycho compare to those earlier depictions? Did you experience an allure in the movies darker themes?


To what extent do you still feel the movie shapes your perception of New York?


Do you feel that being allured by aspects of this film is problematic considering the context? Does it perhaps make you feel victim to that “movie magic”?


Wall Street is one of the film’s primary settings. Do you feel the Wall Street we experienced bears any resemblance to the film’s Wall Street?


Do you think, knowing this, any other aspects of the film’s setting would hold up if we were to visit them? What is your ultimate takeaway from this?


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