Sustainable Systems – Trash Haul Video & 7 Day Trash Review

Trash Haul Video:

Over the course of the week, I made a conscious effort to reduce my trash production. I was able to gather what I estimate to be 1/2 to 1/3 of my actual trash production, as not wasn’t always feasible to store all of it.

I think over the course of the week, due to being more conscious and aware of what it was I was buying, picking up, and carrying with me, I definitely produced less trash. I opted to get my food to stay at the cafeteria and opted to use my tote over plastic bags where possible.

I did notice though, there were a few constants, or aspects of my weekly trash production that were tough to avoid and remained roughly the same. I touched on these in my video and they include roughly 2 packs of cigarettes a week, 3-4 plastic cups, 3-4 plastic seltzer bottles, roughly 3 paper receipts a day, any number of plastic film canisters due to my regular use of 35mm film, and a handful of plastic bags.

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