Drawing / Imaging – Session #16: Personality of Place/Subversion of Surface

For this series, I cropped a 2 point perspective photo I took in Manhattan and generated a greyscale version which served as the basis for my additional compositions. After utilizing the recolor artwork feature and then the Color Libraries selection of presets I recolored my base composition. My first recolor reflects the scene at dusk, with the last traces of sunlight hitting the concrete and moving in an upwards light to dark progression from the sidewalk on to simulate the way in which light dissipates as the day ends. The not-quite-black shades of darkness are conveyed through a spectrum of olive, burgundy, and grey hues. A sunlit time of day is conveyed in the third iteration through bright hues of yellow, orange, and brown, giving a near infrared / thermal appearance. Movement of light is shown here, by contrast, from light to darker in a downwards motion, showing the source of light as the sun, illuminating the sky.  Gestalt is apparent throughout all these  compositions in the way that the arrangement of the vectorized sections of the cropped photos comes together to form these larger images.


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