Drawing / Imaging – Session #21: The Relational Human Figure: Long Lost Found

Looking In Again


Routine shakes and routine breaks

It feels as if it’s been so very long

Since I’ve stirred to pot and looked up

Lifted my head

And seen myself amongst the masses


Pre-occupations make us move

Pre-occupations make the grove

I once looked on and saw myself outside them

Now I know I am among them


Whether you stare listlessly

Or capture what ever it is you have locked onto

I have filled your shoes

And I have been among you


Trodding on, downtrodden or not

They say all that light makes your mind rot

I’ve been glad to lift my head out of the commotion

And see myself within your motions


But how can I know you

Even if I feel I have mirrored you

For so many months

Carry on and move as you will

And I will soon rejoin you, and carry on still

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