Drawing / Imaging – Session #24: The Conversational Human Figure

I found the in-class live model painting experiences to be exciting and challenging. In the abstract, the task of painting a nude human form seems daunting. However, breaking the process down into a focus on shapes, then lines and finer details, made the task much more comprehensible and enforced the sense that I was capable of doing this. Not only this, but viewing the body with the intent to capture it’s form can be entrancing.  I find painting form is more liberating and organic then drawing it, and I ultimately found it to be an easier task than sketching the form. This was my first time working with acrylic and I found it to be challenging; I prefer other mediums like charcoal and even watercolor. I found the process of mixing colors and layering paint to be the most difficult and involved tasks, though rewarding if you experiment. My planar portrait is by far my favorite work to come out of this series. I definitely had a visible improvement over the course of the multiple sessions. That said, I wish my final in class paintings were stronger! Like anything, this is a matter of time and effort, and had more of both been put into the process I think I’d be more satisfied – I put the most time into my planar portrait!



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