Mapping Your Past

Before I started Parsons I came to New York couple times but I never stayed in the city longer than a month. I lived in Istanbul with my family and friends for 18 years. I have been with people that I have known for almost my entire life and I have never experienced moving out even to another house so moving into a new country, to a new dorm was a very different experience for me. Even though Istanbul is a crowded and busy city just like New York, the percentage of people that shares a similar culture is very high so you do not feel the diversity as much as you feel it in New York. In New York because there are people from all around the globe and even while when you are walking from class to your dorm, there is a high possibility that you will hear lots of different languages at the same time. In other words, Istanbul hosts many people from similar backgrounds, cultures and that makes me feel like I am at home. In this project I am planning to focus on the sounds I hear in both of these cities and I want to compare and contrast the views I face in my daily life. The senses I will focus on will be sight and hear.

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