Cross Course Reflection

I am a freshman in Parsons School of Design with the goal of becoming an interior designer. My design skills are shaped around 3D design and it is a field that I enjoy to work with. I have always been a person that enjoys challenging myself so when I am working on a project, I always try to push my self and explore new things.

Throughout my freshman year, I did not only work with mediums that I worked with before but I actually got the opportunity to experience many different materials and techniques at the same time. While I was doing a collapsible chair in one class, I was drawing a digital map in the other class.

Before this year, I would focus on projects that I am already good at, however now I try to explore new methods to improve my artistic skills. In addition, living in New York City and experiencing the atmosphere of The New School changed my understanding of art and design.

For example, in my drawing class, I learned that you can use citrasolv oil to transfer an image to another paper. It has been 6 months since I learned this and now I did my studio final using this oil. I made a transfer with the images I collected throughout the entire term and this brought a whole new level to my project. In general, I can say that everything I learn in different classes helps me improve other projects.

The academic studies gave me a new perspective for the studio makings. The research that I made about the techniques or the materials made me explore new ways to use them. Even though they were separate research from my projects, I realized that I can adapt them to the studio.

Challenging assignments made it more exciting for me. Doing something that you are already good at is always exciting but creating something for the first time feels really unique and precious. I enjoyed to look back to the process and see how I got to the final point.

Working on single idea always made me realize new things. Developing that idea became more exciting as a continued to search more and more. I believe that further research can help me more with every project I do.


1.Wearable Sculpture

This was a project that I did for Space and Materiality. We were supposed to create a wearable sculpture and I decided to focus on the spine. I cut a diamond shape from cardboard that was taller than me and then I divided this piece to 67 pieces. We were not allowed to use any adhesive to I used wire to stitch the metal sheet on top and wire cable to stitch all of the pieces to each other. It was a piece that I regretted to choose while I was making it because it was very challenging and time-consuming, however, I am very glad that I completed it.

Wearable Sculpture

2. Drawing Final

For my drawing final, I used a map that I sketched when I was bored in a class. This map gave me both the feeling of New York and Istanbul. I made digital variations of this made using Illustrator and used images that I took with my own camera. It was a project that I really enjoyed throughout the entire process.

Drawing Final

In future, I would like to explore more materials and new techniques such as 3d printing or laser cutting. I believe that with the new technology age, there is something new I can learn every day. I want to push my self and see what I can do in different fields. Not only working in Interior Design but also working in different majors and push my artistic skills.


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