By Dennis Mui


The BELL RINGS signaling the end of the round.
CHARLIE (40s) an African American referee goes to separate
the two boxers, both in full boxing attire and gear.
CHARLOTTE (27) an Asian American female, is muscular and
stands at six feet tall, wearing all black. She is
undefeated with a record of 11 and 0. Her face is red,
cheeks puffy, and she has a small cut over her slightly
swollen left eye. Before the ref can get to her, she throws
a hard right. The cheap shot connects with the left ear of
LAUREL (23) a Caucasian female and a relatively new boxer
with only three fights under her belt, wearing all yellow.
She stands five inches shorter than Charlotte. Her right eye
is severely swollen and her nose is broken. She falls to the
OLIVER (65), Laurel’s manager/trainer is a veteran of the
sport of boxing with 45 years of experience. He quickly
jumps up to the ring apron and grabs the ring ropes, shaking
them furiously.
               (screaming at the referee)
          What the fuck is that?! You see
          that bullshit?! You haven’t taken
          control of this fight all night
          long. What are ya gonna do about
          that cheap shot? huh? What are ya
          gonna do!
Charlie struts over to the judge’s table, instructing the
judges to deduct a point. Oliver gets the stool and places
it in the corner.
               (to the referee)
          One fucking point? Do your job
          ref. You shoulda disqualified her
          amazonian ass!
Laurel gets up and stumbles over to her corner and sits on
the stool. Oliver gets in the ring, faces and crouches in
front of Laurel. Oliver grabs a bucket and water bottle. He
takes out Laurel’s mouth guard and pours some water in her
mouth. Laurel swishes the water and then spits it out into
the bucket.
          How ya doing there, sweetheart?
          Don’t call me sweetheart.
          There’s my sweetheart. If you were
          one of my other boys, I’d tell ya
          to hit him in the balls, but you
          know... How’s that left ear?
          It’s ringing like the bell, but we
          only have one round left. I’ll be
Laurel looks over at the RING DOCTOR, who doesn’t move.
          I guess I don’t look too bad...or
          he doesn’t give a shit.
Oliver leans over to Laurel’s right side and gets closer to
her right ear.
          I’ll talk to this one then. You’re
          doing exactly what I told you to
          do. You’re moving around, using
          that speed of yours. Keep doing it.
          Keep putting your left arm up and
          protect that left side of your
          head. That eye is about to shut and
          you don’t want to go deaf in one
Laurel nods her head.
          So I move around until I get a good
          shot and knock this bitch out!
               (shaking his head)
          Not the plan.
          But, but I need to knock this bitch
          Too risky. Opens ya up for a
          counter. Just get some jabs in and
          move. We take it to a decision. If
          you get enough shots in I think we
          can win without a chance of ya
          gettin’ fucked up.
          I’m too far behind. I’ll never
          catch up with jabs.
          She just lost a point! It’s the
          right play here. The god damn smart
          I have to knock her out!
          Just keep listening to me and we
          got this.
The BELL RINGS. Charlotte’s MANAGER and Oliver leave the
ring. Charlotte and Laurel get up from their stools and walk
towards each other. Laurel speeds up her stride and cocks
her right arm back.
               (battle cry)
Laurel throws a hard right hook aimed at Charlotte’s chin,
looking for the knock out. Charlotte side steps the punch
and connects with a left jab, followed by a right uppercut.
Laurel drops with a THUD.
Oliver buries his face in his palms. Charlie counts to ten,
then motions for the bell. The BELL RINGS.

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