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Welcome to ComicsVerse’s Top 5, where we at ComicsVerse list our top 5 on any interesting subject. I’m Jacob.(Lower thirds “Jacob Sigler”) ANT-MAN AND THE WASP is out in theaters soon, or if you’re watching this after the release date, it’s now out in theaters. In this video, we go back and look at the top five moments from ANT-MAN. (Lower Thirds “TOP 5 MOMENTS FROM ANT-MAN”) If you’ve enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to our channel and check out for more Top 5 videos and other great content.  (Lower Thirds “”)


Scene 2: Five


Number five. The Wasp. (Full Screen “5”) (Lower Thirds “Wasp”)


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Like many Marvel movies, Ant-Man gave us a mid-credits scene. In it, Hank Pym shows his daughter Hope, played by Evangeline Lily, a prototype for a new Wasp suit. (Image 2: Full Screen) It was originally designed for her mother, but with her disappearance long ago, the scene teased that Hope would take up the duties as Wasp. It got fans excited for the possibilities for the future of the franchise. It looks like we’re going to see a lot of Wasp in the sequel, especially with the title ANT-MAN AND THE WASP. (Image 3: Full Screen)


Scene 3: Four


Four. Ant-Man’s first time shrinking. (Full Screen “4”) (Lower Thirds “Ant-Man’s First Shrink”)

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There is always anticipation for the first time a superhero uses their powers for the first time, whether its Hulk turning green or Thor wielding his hammer. (Image 2: Full Screen) And Ant-Man did not disappoint. After Scott steals the suit from Pym’s house, he puts it on and of course presses the button to shrink down. It’s an impressive sequence as Luis turns on the bathtub faucet and Scott is running for his life as a tidal wave crashes towards him. (Image 3: Full Screen)


Scene 4: Three


Third on our top 5 is Ant-man’s fight with Falcon. (Full Screen “3”) (Lower Thirds “Ant-Man vs. Falcon”)


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After learning how to be Ant-Man, thanks to a montage, Scott’s training is put the test as he attempts to steal a device from the Avenger’s headquarters. He immediately encounters Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon. (Image 2: Full Screen) The fight is pretty entertaining with some humor and a showcase of both of their abilities. (Image 3: Full Screen) But what’s most impressive it that Marvel was able to make Ant-man seem formidable while not making Falcon seem like a lesser hero.


Scene 5: Two


Number two. The Quantum Realm. (Full Screen “2”) (Lower Thirds “Quantum Realm”)


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The quantum realm looked absolutely beautiful in the movie and I wish we saw more of it. (Image 2: Full Screen) All we were told about the Quantum real was that Janet entered it and was lost forever. Hank spent his life looking to find her. (Image 3: Full Screen) And since he was unsuccessful, warns Scott to never enter. A the end of Ant-Man, Scott needs to in order to defeat Yellowjacket, and to Hank’s surprise and relief, escapes. I hope we get more of the quantum realm in the future. There are rumors that it will come into play and be important in the MCU. (Image 4: Full Screen)


Scene 6: One


Finally at one, the post-credits scene. (Full Screen “1”) (Lower Thirds “Post-Credits Scene”)


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Marvel has made viewers sit through the credits for years now, just to see a short teaser for a future movie. And this one was by far better than watching the avengers eating shawarma.(Image 2: Full Screen) In it, we see Captain America and Falcon standing with a captured Winter Soldier. (Image 3: Full Screen) Falcon tells Cap that he may know someone who can help.   A nice nod at Ant-Man. And a nice set up for Civil War, a movie filled with superhero versus superhero action I was eager to see. (Image 4: Full Screen)


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That is ComicsVerse’s Top 5 moments from Ant-man. (Lower Thirds “TOP 5 MOMENTS FROM ANT-MAN”) What did you think of our list? Were there other moments that you think should have been on here? Would you like to see a Top 5 moments from ANT-MAN AND THE WASP? Let us know in the comments below. (Lower thirds “Jacob Sigler”)



Host: Jacob Sigler

Director: Dennis Mui

Writer: Dennis Mui


Producer: Justin Alba

Production Crew: Chowder, Sam Herrera, Rachel Davis, George Forchuk


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