what lies ahead: shift or purpose?


Moving ahead, I shift from my hiatus.

I am here now moved by your words, shifted entirely from how I perceived life before this moment.

There is a certain novelty that comes with the word movement. It excites you, keeps you going. Life moves forward, you can’t stay in one moment of your life forever. It’ll pass and you shall too one way or another move with it.

Your mood shifts from pleasant to upset, from loving life to hating it. It’s in the very fundamental of the way in which we were woven, our body is nothing but a saturated bundle of living organisms, always on the move. From circulating oxygen around your body in order to keep you alive to withering away and dying in order for the new ones to be born. It is all but a process of moving from one precinct to another.

Shift is very fundamentally present in nature as well.

How the pollen grains are moved from the flower of the plant to the surrounding areas by natures forces. The shift in the stages of the life of a caterpillar, from a larvae to a butterfly.

Your transition from a child to a young adult is somewhat like the stages of transition that larvae goes through. Mostly without actually being aware of the shift.

why’s that?

why do we forget that we are almost definitely always evolving, from the person that we were just a minute ago or a month ago?

I guess its what lies ahead of the movement that counts, the destination. where you are headed, not the movement or the shift.

We spend all our lives planning the future, right now you are thinking about what you intend to do next hour. We all do it.

Is it innate though? did we always live for the future?

I feel like when we stopped moving in the literal sense, when we stopped being hunters and gatherers. When we settled down and left our nomadic ways in the past, somewhere around that time the whole idea shifted and now we had this long future ahead of us to think about. To plan about. Thats when our focus shifted from movement to purpose.

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