Bridge 2 (Peer to Peer): Peer Interview

Peeling through the layers to discover what?

This project could also be seen as reminiscence in self realization or an episode in self awareness. At our age, often times people are not aware of who they are, what they stand for. We are still “finding ourselves” as they say. For me personally, this was a a process of self awareness. I discovered more about myself as Isabell went question by question, analyzing me. Sometimes putting your thoughts into words and saying them out loud does that.

Isabell and I were not originally meant to be peered up for the group project. But we soon discovered we were rather much alike.

What irked me irked her too, (mostly, I can get annoyed by a lot of things.)

There are so many different levels on which you can get to know a person. So many different aspects to a personality. All of this information lies in the kind of questions one would pose to gather it. Like different keys would open different doors in a house. Which key to use, to unlock which door?

I feel like we choose to unlock the familiar doors. The familiar feelings, aspirations, thinking, and so on. So its really our reflection in the person we put in question. Our thoughts that turns into curiosity that turns into a question. In order to form a connection with the said person we choose to walk the recognized path. One we have been acquainted with rather well.

Isabell and I met a couple of times and conducted informal question – answer type interview of one another between just hanging out and spending time with each other. I have found a friend in her by the end of this project, which i am grateful for.

Some excerpts:

Are you comfortable in crowds?

extroverted introvert, depends on situation. random. mood.

Do you prefer seeing yourself spending your life at one place or do you wanna travel often?

Travel, but should have a stationary home to come back to.

What keeps you going?

um will come back to you on that.

Do you ever get emotionally exhausted? How do you feel then?Describe.

i get weary and nervous around people. just wanna recluse and hibernate already.

what helps you bounce back from it?


Do you miss something in your life at this moment?

I miss dancing. I used to perform hiphop and ballet.

What are the 3 emotions that you feel the most?

annoyance, amusement, curiosity. I get annoyed a lot (laughter)

What is your Myers briggs personality type?

I am the “adventurer” type. I don’t remember what they are called. But i believe in 16 personality types. Mine describes me pretty accurately.

Update: she is ISFP

Pet peeve?

Unnecessary repetition.

hows your relationship with your sibling?(younger brother)

He’s funny and nerdy. Tries to tell facts when struggling to keep up a conversation. We don’t really know each other very well. Much more closer to my cousin sister. But he’s cute.

how would you spend a day with family?

peter pan and red book

little prince


do you believe in karma?

one plain ticket to anywhere?

zodiac signs?

any siblings?

morning person or night owl?


recurring dream?

what you were like as a kid?

amount of time i think about home/going back home

amount of time we talk to our parents

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