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Park is a place of meeting. A conjunction that brings people together at the same time provides the necessary isolation we need from our fast paced lives. Parks in big cities are a form of recreational solitude. The design of a park will contribute to your experience of the location. High line is one such park in one such incredibly fast paced big city New York. High Line represents the city’s spirits and rich history, preserving the historic rail tracks and creating something so unique yet familiar in the process. It is environment friendly, the irrigation system connects to the water fountains located at the park. At the same time the design looks appealing to the eye. The location of the park near the coast contributes to the windy weather at the park. Its elevation above the ground provides a detachment from the city, but at the same time the high-rise buildings all around it doesn’t let you forget where you are. There are different levels off elevation over the length of the walkway in the park. The design of the walkway in the park gives it this feeling of never-ending, continuos path of walking. Although it could have been a little wider to provide more space to walk. Its uniqueness in design makes it standout. The high line showcases art as well. From sculptures to humorous posters. It is the place to go if you are in dire need of some originality.img_1031

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