Exhibition Space Design: Geometry of life.

“Geometry will draw the soul towards truth.”
-Plato, The Republic.
In my Space/materiality class I have discovered that life can be measured on an accurate mathematical scale(geometry). Which sounds mundane coming out of an art student’s mouth but to me, beauty lies in the almost hypnotic pattern of The Unified field matrix that is found in nature and from which everything emerges. Harsh lines, strong patterns describe the strong design of spiraled web called life. The golden ratio made by Leonardo Da Vinci described the human body by mathematical calculations in his diagram. Which almost became like a template for all the artworks that came after it in renaissance. What essentially appeals to me here is trying to describe the ambiguity of human body and getting it correct so accurately for centuries to come.
The collage of my drawing I have made of dodecahedron has multiple philosophical interpretation ranging from, “sphere of the universe,” and “fire” in nature.
The drawing i have placed on the right side of my design, is my model of my own body mapping in the form of cartography. I made it in my studio class. I chose to put up lungs i structured with metals to represent the rigidity of the concept. The concept of parallels describing and complimenting one another and co existing in nature.

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  1. paskowl · November 18, 2016 Reply

    Beautiful reflection on your assignment!

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