Get Lost: Neighborhood map Astoria, Queens

(Please read my post Bridge 3: Astoria, Queens for seminar to get a look of the neighborhood through real life images and to catch a further breakdown of my notes and assessment)

I decided to go with colorful beads to display the economic flow in and out of Astoria. I am a minimalist by nature and like to keep things simple but eye catching. My main point going in to make this map from the Information that I had collected was to Not make it look like a regular map. Something different that what comes to one’s mind when we think of the word ‘map’ but at the same time marking the area all along. It has a conceptual value to it, like showing the flow of things.
That being said, every bead is placed thoughtfully and systematically and every area marked has significant role to play in the economy of this neighborhood. The more close knit the beads the more robust is the impact of that place in the economy of Astoria.
Starting with the 278 highway that connects the neighborhood to other boroughs of New York and to the outer parts of the state as it connects to the interstate highway I-87 that goes from Bronx all the way to Canada. As we know highways play major role in the transportation logistics from any state, neighborhood or city. This highway connects Astoria to the outer world.
The historically known Steinway village and the Steinway street named after the piano company Steinway and Sons. It is a economic threshold for this neighborhood. Still running in the legacy of the Brand name of the company, this area attracts many tourists and locals alike. With shops of all variety using the Steinway name.
Astoria Ditmars BLVD, marks the last subway station in the area. The streets are lined with casual dine in cafes and diners for locals and tourists alike who happen to venture this far out in New York. It has villa style houses lined further down on the streets taking a spacious take on NYC living.
Shore BLVD is a nice tourist attraction, providing a beautiful view of the east river. It compliments the quite neighborhood.
Astoria Park and Astoria park pool are open to general public and appeal as a major attraction of this area. Quite user friendly, they give this neighborhood a family-feel, making it seem inviting for an efficient living.
Astoria BLVD and Newtown Ave are both shopping streets with diverse shops and high end restaurants for you to dine in when you are looking for a break from shopping.

Economy Of Astoria, queens

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  1. Prof. D. Adeniran · November 12, 2016 Reply

    This is a strong analyses that also takes in to consideration your areas connection to the larger surrounding community and beyond with the highway 1-87 that can take one to Canada.

    Do the colors have meaning? Did you code them by the sort of business they are serving or generate income?
    Is there a range for economic impact per business? It might also be helpful to know what sorts of businesses there are i.e. 15 restaurant, 7-frut stores, and two commercial banks etc.… I feel this would aid to the legibility of the data collected and as we did with the Dear Data project.

    All that said its lovely, creative and speaks to the flavor of this vibrate community.
    The colors to me represent diversity of the community, as I know it.

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