Bowery 167

wind(it was a cold windy morning)
more than one Language being spoken
shutters being opened

It was a cold windy morning, the sun was visible though thanks to Bowery’s comparatively low-rise buildings. Its funny how you start to appreciate simple things like that, sun rays on a windy day. These things are important. Its funny how we tend to forget things like that. We sometimes take our existence for granted. Not acknowledging the people who walked the same path thousand times, the ones with their own tales of adventure. We tend to forget the rich history of this city, we shouldn’t. While walking towards bowery from 15th street 2nd avenue i saw the change in sceneries from high rise suffocation to a freeway of sunlight provided by low rise buildings of bowery. It was a nice escape, most welcomed one. The Mural of 167 is a sleepy and quite place early morning, modestly hiding the years of history that its sitting on. Now a tile and carpet shop owned by an Asian guy perilously trying to hold his own in explaining that to me in English.

I tried to interview pedestrian on the streets that early morning but people didn’t want to stop and have a conversation understandably as it was a rush hour and people were in a hurry to get places. I did try and talk to the guy who was running the carpet and tiles shop at the 167 Bowery. english was not his native language but he did tell me that he has the place on rent.

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