Chef’s Table: season 2. episode 1, Grant Achatz

1- The culinary gastronomy practiced by Grant Achatz feeds on the “wow” factor, the uncertainty of surprises. Creating a theatrical performance of an experience for the people lucky enough to dine at his restaurant. He takes pick from “Avant Garde” fashion and establishes his own unique style of avant garde cuisine. Designed to play with the sensory and visual stimulation of a human brain. There are “no rules” as he believes.

2- I think his illness liberated him. But of course devastated him at first. A chef who cant taste, I cannot think of a more ironic punchline for the story. He saw that there was potential in team work and how he could use that to makeup for his inability to taste what he cooks. His inability to taste flavors in food.

3- We all need to collaborate to exist. Even the antisocial perfectionists crippled by their own idea of euphoric perfection just out of their hands reach. We are collaborating everyday subconsciously with our surroundings without even noticing it. Perfecting walking through the crowd at the stop light in order to not bump into one another. Synchronizing your way through people everyday. The idea of letting ideas run freely in a creative space is necessary for successful collaboration. The avant garde chef let his team weigh in on the menu dishes and let them come up with their own ideas. By letting go of “rules”. You only limit yourself by setting boundaries for yourself.

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