Deconstructing Button Down Shirt

Deconstructing button down Shirt into a fruit Basket.
I was inspired to weave a basket out of my button down shirt because It was black and white checks flannel. The pattern was perfect for weaving. So I did some research on different types of ways to make a basket. There are many options out there for basket making like weaving, knitting, sewing. I decided to go with cross hatching pattern. I cut my fabric along the lines of checks that were already there in the fabric and made strips of black and white material. Then I weaved them together with hands in a crisscross pattern. You start by keeping five strips on a plane surface horizontally and then take five stripes and weave them through the horizontal stripes vertically. I kept repeating this process until I was out of fabric. The fragility of the fabric posed itself as a problem so the cross hatching kept falling off. I glued the ends in the pattern to keep them together. I further made a structure with cardboard sheets to hold the cross hatching pattern of my shirt together in the shape of a basket. I repurposed the collar as the basket handle. The shirt pockets as side pockets on the basket for extra storage. I used the buttons for decoration. It is a complete product which can be used for practical purposes. I did some tests by keeping fruits in the basket and carried it around so it is functional. It could be neater if I would have sewn the fabric together and perhaps used a wire instead of a cardboard.

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