Time: Frame Video Project

Therapeutic Exertions is a personal journey, almost like a memory of passion and fight to live. The monologue is personalizing the idea of martial arts training by giving a perspective to it.
This was my first time shooting in a public location where I needed to first get permit to film. The process was disappointing at first as I got denied from at least 4 places before my own gym decided to let me shoot. At first shooting during the classes was awkward as I couldn’t get anyone’s faces and had to maintain distance. So I got not so good footage and couldn’t express the actual feel of the place. When I went back to shoot the second time, I took angle shots, played with zoom and focus to get everything and the place value but in a way that no one in particular would stand out.
This time around I got better footage. In premier, I played with slow motion, colors to give it a mysterious, dream like ambience.

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