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September 2018

Space & Materiality: Project #1: Linear Planar Abstraction: Irritation

Linear Planar Abstraction: Irritation Final Composition:   Statement: The emotion assigned to me was ‘Irritation’, and through the manipulation of lines using armature wire and planes using fabric, this project abstracts this emotion in two different forms – a symmetrical… Continue Reading →

Studio/Seminar Bridge #1: Memoir: ‘Remembering home’

Final Piece: ‘Remembering Home’   Process:   Writeup: This project explores the theme of memory and how it interacts with the five senses. It lends inspiration from Joe Brainard’s book, ‘I Remember’, written in 1975, and focuses on the things… Continue Reading →

Studio: Fake – Project 1: Memories – Week 1 Collection

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