Studio/Seminar Bridge #1: Memoir: ‘Remembering home’

Final Piece:

‘Remembering Home’





This project explores the theme of memory and how it interacts with the five senses. It lends inspiration from Joe Brainard’s book, ‘I Remember’, written in 1975, and focuses on the things I notice daily, the things that stand out to me, the things I remember and the things I dream of, and the way I perceive them. Over the past 2 weeks here in New York as a freshman, I found myself noticing food a lot, more particularly remembering food from home back in India. So as a result, my final piece focuses on portraying my craving for homemade Indian comfort food – Dal (pulses), Maggi (Indian instant noodles) and butter popcorn from the local popcorn stand. Using soft pastels, I attempt to recall their individual textures, smells and tastes and convey them visually to the viewer. Consciously combining all three forms of food – solid, semi-sold and liquid – into one big collage, I aim to portray that even though this mess of 3 different food items that definitely do not belong together, might be seemingly gross, but yet, is oddly pleasing and comforting to me during this period of homesickness. The critique I received on this piece suggested that while I display a strong awareness of the senses in my work, and maintain a good composition, I could have portrayed another piece of the similar kind to form a sort of series on this theme.

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