Studio/Seminar Bridge #2, Peer to Peer: Persona Project

This project is designed around Peer to Peer communication where based on my persona’s and her fears, I have to design a wearable garment using only paper, that can either represent the fear, exacerbate it, or protect my persona against it. I chose to design a cape using maps as my material, to protect my partner from her fear of getting lost. Inspired by Red Riding hood, the cape employs a weave of different maps of different geographical natural locations like deserts, forests, oceans, canyons etc, to give the cape an interesting landscape created by the weave pattern and texture. Furthermore, I have painted the inside of the cape with the colours observed in Sam Gillian’s ‘Carousel State’ since Avery said that this artwork gave her peace, thus enhancing the protective features of the cape.

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