Sustainable Systems: Trash Assessment and Creative Response

Trash Assessment:

Trash Inventory – Sheet1-11mwjuf


I realised that I produced the most waste in the food category. This involved the maximum amount out of materials made out of Paper and Plastic. While one is compostable, the other is landfill waste, and both are recyclable. However, I did not recycle the plastic waste as much as I would have liked to

Solution: Avoid receipts as much as possible, and use steel cutlery over plastic.


Trash Creative Response: Hanging Paper Crane Mobile

For a creative response to my trash output, I realised that I didn’t recycle my trash as efficiently as I wanted to. I did dispose off anything I could in the recycle bins, but I utilise my trash efficiently in a creative way. Hence, I decided to make a decorative item from my trash – a hanging paper crane mobile using origami. I’ve always loved origami and how you can make something so beautiful out of just a piece of paper, so for this project I used receipts, a used food container lid and the ring of a used plastic bottle cap to make a hanging mobile.


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