Studio 2: ‘Simple designs to save a life’- TED Talk (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Ted talk response:

This video addresses the issue of how toxic fumes from wood used for cooking fires kill over 2 million children every year worldwide in developing countries. Amy Smith, MIT engineer, talks about the different ways she has tried to help by developing alternate methods that makes use of locally available materials and is environmentally and economically beneficial. She made briquettes made from farm waste and turned them into clean-burning charcoal. However, she is just a team on one person with a group of student volunteers helping her, so to get this on the larger scale she needs support from the masses to make the work a better place. This urges us to consider the ways in which we can play our part as well and question the ways in which our day to day activities affect the environment and society. What are the ways in which we can ensure that we use clean energy from waste resources to ensure that we don’t harm the environment? How can we help these developing countries to ensure they gain access to these resources?

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