Studio 2: TED Talks Reflection

THEASTER GATES: How to Revive a Neighborhood

  • Children think and perceive differently from from adults since they have different constraints
  • They don’t design for big corporations
  • They design for themselves and the larger population
  • We need to ask kids to record their ideas and visions
  • Document what they like and don’t like about the concept
  • Some ideas will not be implmented though
  • We need to consider them as end-users
  • Children look at beauty within design
  • Design journey as important as the destination


MARA MINTZER: We let kids design a neighborhood

  • A neighbourhood never dies out
  • We need to take what is already existing and redesign and re-conceptualise it
  • To create something out of nothing
  • Using old buildings and the neighbourhood’s culture to create it into something new
  • Re-shape the viewer’s perception of the neighbourhood through good design
  • Energise people about their neighbourhood and the experience of living and interacting with it through art and culture
  • Create hubs in different regions


Connection to my neighbourhood:

These TED talks are grounded in the idea that a good neighbourhood design does not negate children and their opinions and experiences out of the design journey process. This helps me understand that I need to consider and regard every single person’s point of view when designing my neighbourhood. For example, I need to ensure that the community centre is a child friendly space. It also helps me understand how I can utilise what already exists in Coney Island and use it to my advantage.


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