Studio 2: Assignment – TED Talk Reflection


Why Design should include everyone

  • Design needs to be inclusive and accessible to all
  • Good design is non exclusive
  • Examples of exclusive design: airports and public bathrooms
  • Good design challenges the idea of design being only functional
  • We need to be responsible with our designs and consider who we are designing for
  • Design can have a far reaching and almost always invisible effect on the user’s emotions
  • Inspires me to focus on making my amusement park for Bridge 4 accessible to all populations
  • Design Interventions needed – making old style walk up apartment buildings and subway stations (staircase, crowded subways hard to enter etc) more accessible for the elderly and disabled


How Architecture can create dignity to all

  • People comprehend design in different manners
  • Design instructs people on their overall experience it through subliminal messaging
  • Architecture dictates the mood of the viewer
  • Considering comfort and functionality as two integrals
  • Learn to design for mass use
  • Inspires me to ensure that the space I’m designing is aligned with my goal mood
  • Design Interventions needed – Mumbai roads need more pedestrian assigned spaces, make hospitals more welcoming


From Spider webs to elevators:

  • Elevators inspired by how spiders transport through spider webs
  • Biomimicry is an important tool in designing
  • Using nature as a guide to inspire man-made design models that are sustainable and efficient
  • Utilise nature and its functionalities in design
  • For Bridge 4 I can look at beehives to see how to construct the dome of my amusement park


Buildings that blend nature and city:

  • Architects can be considered as relationship builders
  • Their designs can decide the nature of human relationships
  • Architecture creates spaces of interaction and communication
  • Communication not only between people, but also an individual and their environment
  • Every element in architectural design create a specific atmosphere
  • Buildings transcend the sole purpose of functionality
  • This inspires me to consider what kind of relationship am I building for my viewers through my design

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