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Seminar 2: Complexities, Complexities: Video Reflection

Redlining: While watching this video about how property is divided on the bases of racial discrimination I noticed how race is so entrenched in every system in our society and it wade me wonder what it would take for us… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: John McPhee’s Do’s and Don’ts of writing

Do’s: don’t overthink write down whatever comes to mind carefully edit ans revise produce multiple drafts (at least 4) mark clearly the words that need revision re-read drafts strive to do better with each draft use already known and familiar… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Assignment – Chapter 5 – Making

Studio 2: Assignment – Stage 5 – Definition/Modelling

Stage 5: Definition/Modelling What’s an idea made of? functions development and evolution metamorphosis details and intricacies that are explored through models Hierarchy of a Design’s Needs: usability reliability functionality proficiency creativity To know when a design is good enough, analyse… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Assignment – Cities of Tomorrow

Reflection: Buildings like Burj al khalifa in hot climate collecting condensation for irrigation Burj al khalifa’s structure allows for it to fight earthquakes and the top can sway 6 feet with the wind Technology can help the police to lower… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Bridge 3 – Issues/Questions/Needs/Potentials

Neighbourhood: Coney Island The purpose of Bridge 3 is to organise the information that we have already gathered, verify what is missing, and further explore, and strategise our final step. Zukin’s and Monidapur’s texts, and the ‘My Brooklyn’ documentary provided… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: SCAMPER

Scamper In-class Assignment

Studio 2: TED Talks Reflection

THEASTER GATES: How to Revive a Neighborhood Children think and perceive differently from from adults since they have different constraints They don’t design for big corporations They design for themselves and the larger population We need to ask kids to… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Design Process – Asking

Studio & Seminar 2: Coney Island Interviews

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