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Integrative Seminar 2

Seminar 2: Complexities, Complexities: Video Reflection

Redlining: While watching this video about how property is divided on the bases of racial discrimination I noticed how race is so entrenched in every system in our society and it wade me wonder what it would take for us… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: John McPhee’s Do’s and Don’ts of writing

Do’s: don’t overthink write down whatever comes to mind carefully edit ans revise produce multiple drafts (at least 4) mark clearly the words that need revision re-read drafts strive to do better with each draft use already known and familiar… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: Strategies of Home-Making

Strategies Of Home-Making Comfort One of the primary strategies in home-making that I identified through my research is establishing a feeling of comfort. Conventionally this is done through soft materials that support a persons body, like pillows, throws, couches or… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: Notions of Home: Mind Map

The above is a mind map that documents the different perspectives and notions of home as observed in the following texts: How To Build a Perfect Refugee Camp”, New York Times “Songlines” Podcast Ben Rawles on “The City of Thorns”… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliography 30th January, 2019 Main theme – Concept of home, and how for many people its not stable. How To Build a Perfect Refugee Camp”, New York Times: McClelland, Mac. 2017. “How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp.” The… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: A Walking Assignment: Coney Island

  A Tour of Coney Island Coney Island in the Winter (Weekday and Weekend): Video Documenting Route: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TjzWqzB7raaxq6uUCpBotoYd0MBvsI2m I “Coney Island is a residential Brooklyn neighborhood that morphs into a relaxation and entertainment destination each summer. Locals and tourists crowd… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Noticing

Assignment Description: Use a photo essay to document particular objects, inscriptions, or event in public spaces that you find surprising, unruly, or inspiring, or that raise questions for you. Assignment Visuals: Text:   People:   Children:   Reflection: The above… Continue Reading →

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