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Studio 2: TED Talks Reflection

THEASTER GATES: How to Revive a Neighborhood Children think and perceive differently from from adults since they have different constraints They don’t design for big corporations They design for themselves and the larger population We need to ask kids to… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Design Process – Conceptualization

Studio 2: Public Space and Its Implementations

Assignment Description: William “Holly” Whyte in His Own Words, “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces” (1980) William “Holly” Whyte in His Own Words, “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces” (1980) Amanda Burden: How public spaces make cities work… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Wacky Vendo

Wacky Vendo Objectives Practicing Public space observation Challenge: You have been asked by an industrial design firm to create a new kind of vending machine- one whose contents would fit the needs of your local neighborhood. What could you sell… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Research Methods for Product Design by Alex Milton and Paul Rodgers


Studio 2: ‘Simple designs to save a life’- TED Talk

https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_smith_shares_simple_lifesaving_design#t-802192 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Ted talk response: This video addresses the issue of how toxic fumes from wood used for cooking fires kill over 2 million children every year worldwide in developing countries. Amy Smith,… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: The Design Process by Karl Aspelund: Ch 2 Identification

The Design Process by Karl Aspelund: Ch 2 Identification Reflection: Identification is a process within the design cycle where the designer identifies what the problem is, what the project demands, what the client wants. A designer’s concerns are to identify… Continue Reading →

Studio: Fake – Project 1: Memories – Week 1 Collection

Grace Paley, “Travelling”

Grace Paley’s short story, titled “Travelling”, is a reflective recollection of her interactions with racism in America during the 20’s as a traveller. Through short sentences with a simple language structure, Paley poignantly sheds light of the theme of defiance… Continue Reading →

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