Bridge 2 Photo Essay

Photos incorporated

Interview Quotes incorporated

“I certainly thought that people’s mindsets here are different. When I came here I saw that everybody minds their own business and nobody cares if you do something ridiculous in the middle of the sidewalk.”

“I thought that the city was fast-going and commercial.”

“I don’t think at all that New Yorkers as a whole have a perfect balanced life, but I definitely think that there are some that do.”

“you can see the obvious differences in movies and in real life.”


The concept behind our photo essay was to show that despite the natural surroundings and environments that are present in New York, people still end up winding between this modern and technological world. The center of the image is me using a laptop watching a movie on a rock in central park and the surrounding images are of the natural world with trees, plants and water. Even in these pictures, with the nature, there are images of the building that sort of look like they are peeping out of the nature. It shows that technology ends up coming into things. The images are positioned in a way such that the buildings point in certain directions that end up creating a cycle. The concept builds on a never ending cycle and that technology always keeps on coming back. The picture of trees and water in the laptop was added to the orginal picture and also develops on the idea that nature is very significant in New York.

Photo Essay


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