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I struggle with creating realistic portraits of people. For my self portrait its cartoon like and more my style while with Gulces I tried to do a realistic portrait that really looks like her.


I really enjoyed doing these and I feel as if they are some of the best sketches I've done in this class.

Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing is something really difficult for me especially when doing it for long periods of time. In the past when doing perspective drawings or landscapes they always come out somewhat distorted so I feel like these were an improvement from the past.

Contour drawing

I have never really been taught to draw so I started very shaky when beginning this lesson but feel as I improved since then.

Environmental portrait

She absolutely loves bollywood themed parties and movies. Her favorite being “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”. A movie universe she said she would like to live in. She loves red because it’s romantic and dangerous at the same time and grey because it’s a mix of ying and yang. Within her religion she’s always found little ways to rebel against some of the things she was always told not to do. When she was younger she cut her hair, which was something her mother was extremely against. She paints her nails, wears perfume and among other things but still respects her culture and upbringing just the same. I depicted her in white clothes with a white background to symbolize her religions meaning for the color: purity. She's holding red tulle with accents of red light to show her little bits of rebellion to follow the strict rules of her religion while still respecting it.

IS- project 2

The approach I took was photography The part I most enjoyed was taking the photos and getting to know a…
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