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Reflection Our final project became a lookbook of our jewelry. It included the best photos of Joyce and Shaskia wearing them. Some of them were more close up and some more far away. All of the photos were also vectorized and edited on illustrator to accentuate the product. We added text on top of the photos to sell the product. The fonts and the colors we chose were inspired by old computers to enhance the retrofuturistic feeling. We enjoyed experimenting and making the actual jewelry, and also taking the pictures together. The photos were very experimental and we had many to chose from, and it was interesting to bring the product to life for something. The most challenging part was to agree on an aesthetic and to incorporate all the different ideas since there were so many. We agreed early on to make accessories, although we had different visions on the material and design. It was also difficult to choose which pictures to present in the final project. The overall pace of the project was even and spaced out. We planned ahead and worked on the project every week. We did not end up working under pressure last minute. The collaboration worked well, but normally all of us prefer working by ourselves. We had to compromise but everyone had a say in the decisions.


Reflection Back If we had more budget to take this work to the next level, we would shoot the photographs in an actual studio because the original pieces are very staged. We would buy more makeup and really accentuate our features and create a more exaggerated makeup instead of using photoshop to do it. We would be able to buy costumes that represents the each culture more. Our targeted audience is a general public, and more specifically, females, from different countries and cultures. We would like the audience to observe these photographs and get an idea of the stereotypes of different cultures. Overall, as a group we would like to take away from this project for future collaborations to improve upon time management and organisation. This collaborative project allowed various ideas to be generated into a diverse multicultural photograph series.
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