IS- project 2

The approach I took was photography The part I most enjoyed was taking the photos and getting to know a…


When first asked to do the Derive project I became quickly frustrated, confused by the assignment I had put off doing my research until the day before. I was walking along the 15th arrondissement when I noticed how beautiful the windows were here in Paris, I was not used to so much intricacy in such a mundane thing. I then began to think of windows and the lives behind them, when I got home I found myself intrigued by the snippets of peoples lives you could see through these glass squares on the buildings. I sketched some windows for class the next day and almost immediately knew what I would do for the final project. I created a collage through photoshop displaying 2 different lives with no walls, only windows. Behind them you can see two different galaxies to represent out own words behind these windows with 2 different time periods to show how different you neighbors life could be to yours.
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