Final project

Final project

A couple times a year I have had a recurring dream since I was a child. I’m in a cafe with my parents in a city I’ve never seen. Theres a large portait of a person I dont know. His face is distorted and the photo exudes pain. While my parents and I sit in silence the walls start to shake, everyone starts screaming and the painting falls. Then I wake up. I decided to do 5 different portraits of 5 possibilties of what the face could possible look like The face changes often but is always consistent in style and in the eyes and sometimes mouth.

Photoshop posters

The first poster is a promotion poster for a led zeppelin poster composed of elements from their albums. The second poster is denouncing trump, the hands are reaching to take off his toupee. This was probably one of my favorite projects as I had a lot of fun with it.

Character Design

A representation of what my neck and head feels like all the time. Drawn by hand in illustration.

Pattern designs

The patterns I made aren't my favorite things I ever created but I did end up using the skill for a different project.


I struggle with creating realistic portraits of people. For my self portrait its cartoon like and more my style while with Gulces I tried to do a realistic portrait that really looks like her.


I really enjoyed doing these and I feel as if they are some of the best sketches I've done in this class.

Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing is something really difficult for me especially when doing it for long periods of time. In the past when doing perspective drawings or landscapes they always come out somewhat distorted so I feel like these were an improvement from the past.
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