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Pattern designs

The patterns I made aren't my favorite things I ever created but I did end up using the skill for a different project.

Look-back post

Integrative studio 1, in my opinion, was to get us to learn to collaborate in various projects. We had a series of assignments that created 4 different projects. After each project we'd move on to the next. Highlights Environmental portrait: This was a highlight for me because I feel like it was some of my best work. I was really proud of the photos I produced and also learned about a new person at the same time. Centre quatre 104: This was an incredible exhibition to visit and one I probably wouldn't have made it to on my own. I was mostly blown away by the one with the prison documentary. It was a surreal feeling to see the things people put on their walls in their mostly lonely and hard times. The cave exhibition was also a very peaceful and beautiful exhibition to experience. I didn't take any photos at this exhibit but it was definitely my favorite place we went to. Retro-futurism: I personally loved this project. Even though I would have gone my own way as a single project I actually really enjoyed the group dynamic during this. I don't normally like working in groups but i didn't mind during this one at all as it seemed we were on similar wave lengths. I also really like the outcome. Remake: Although I didn't get to execute any of my own ideas during this project I actually like the outcome of my part. I had a good time playing dress-up and poking fun at my country at the same time. Reflection: In the beginning of the year I had a lot of anxiety about the course as I've never had a course like it and I feared about my creativity and ability to amount to my other classmates. This class eased a lot of my fears about my levels of abilities. As someone who is extremely uncomfortable speaking in front of group, group critiques were really hard for me in the beginning but as the semester went on it was eased it bit. I still have a lot of trouble with it but at least now the fear of judgement itself is gone. While I didn't do much that I thought connected to my major (except for the retro-futurism project) I thought I learned many important skills. In the future I think I would like to explore installation pieces, which I never would have thought about until this class.


Reflection Our final project became a lookbook of our jewelry. It included the best photos of Joyce and Shaskia wearing them. Some of them were more close up and some more far away. All of the photos were also vectorized and edited on illustrator to accentuate the product. We added text on top of the photos to sell the product. The fonts and the colors we chose were inspired by old computers to enhance the retrofuturistic feeling. We enjoyed experimenting and making the actual jewelry, and also taking the pictures together. The photos were very experimental and we had many to chose from, and it was interesting to bring the product to life for something. The most challenging part was to agree on an aesthetic and to incorporate all the different ideas since there were so many. We agreed early on to make accessories, although we had different visions on the material and design. It was also difficult to choose which pictures to present in the final project. The overall pace of the project was even and spaced out. We planned ahead and worked on the project every week. We did not end up working under pressure last minute. The collaboration worked well, but normally all of us prefer working by ourselves. We had to compromise but everyone had a say in the decisions.


Reflection Back If we had more budget to take this work to the next level, we would shoot the photographs in an actual studio because the original pieces are very staged. We would buy more makeup and really accentuate our features and create a more exaggerated makeup instead of using photoshop to do it. We would be able to buy costumes that represents the each culture more. Our targeted audience is a general public, and more specifically, females, from different countries and cultures. We would like the audience to observe these photographs and get an idea of the stereotypes of different cultures. Overall, as a group we would like to take away from this project for future collaborations to improve upon time management and organisation. This collaborative project allowed various ideas to be generated into a diverse multicultural photograph series.


I struggle with creating realistic portraits of people. For my self portrait its cartoon like and more my style while with Gulces I tried to do a realistic portrait that really looks like her.


I really enjoyed doing these and I feel as if they are some of the best sketches I've done in this class.

Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing is something really difficult for me especially when doing it for long periods of time. In the past when doing perspective drawings or landscapes they always come out somewhat distorted so I feel like these were an improvement from the past.

Contour drawing

I have never really been taught to draw so I started very shaky when beginning this lesson but feel as I improved since then.
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