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Environmental portrait

She absolutely loves bollywood themed parties and movies. Her favorite being “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”. A movie universe she said she would like to live in. She loves red because it’s romantic and dangerous at the same time and grey because it’s a mix of ying and yang. Within her religion she’s always found little ways to rebel against some of the things she was always told not to do. When she was younger she cut her hair, which was something her mother was extremely against. She paints her nails, wears perfume and among other things but still respects her culture and upbringing just the same. I depicted her in white clothes with a white background to symbolize her religions meaning for the color: purity. She's holding red tulle with accents of red light to show her little bits of rebellion to follow the strict rules of her religion while still respecting it.

IS- project 2

The approach I took was photography The part I most enjoyed was taking the photos and getting to know a…


When first asked to do the Derive project I became quickly frustrated, confused by the assignment I had put off doing my research until the day before. I was walking along the 15th arrondissement when I noticed how beautiful the windows were here in Paris, I was not used to so much intricacy in such a mundane thing. I then began to think of windows and the lives behind them, when I got home I found myself intrigued by the snippets of peoples lives you could see through these glass squares on the buildings. I sketched some windows for class the next day and almost immediately knew what I would do for the final project. I created a collage through photoshop displaying 2 different lives with no walls, only windows. Behind them you can see two different galaxies to represent out own words behind these windows with 2 different time periods to show how different you neighbors life could be to yours.

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