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Final Project Proposal

3 questions that address your research topic (these can be new questions or one’s from your taxonomy…as long as they are relevant). How is pop culture being revealed in the environment  that we live in? What do I need to… Continue Reading →

Bridge III – Taxonomy

Space/Materiality Project #2

We start project 2 by doing some axonometric drawings   Then we draw a larger cube and divide them into 3 pieces by using different colors.(each has 9 cubes) Next, we need to make  maquette for each object   It takes… Continue Reading →

20 Questions

20 question What kind of background information I need to know about street photography? What role does symbols play for advertising a city? When did dog walkers come up in nyc streets? What’s the relationship between taxi color and the… Continue Reading →

Integrative Seminar Bridge II- 7 day notes

Bridge II

diptych01 Posca Pen with different color palette diptych02: watercolor, the left one is more clear and right one is blurry and vague.   diptych03 Left: paper collage of buildings, glue Right: flowers and tape diptych 04 Charcoal, left one is… Continue Reading →

  •What conversation happened between each image in this diptych? the first one has more clear lines while the second one is more blurry, but they are actually the same object—factory. Basically, I’m trying to show what a factory really… Continue Reading →

Bridge II – final reflection post

Final diptychs 01: Final diptychs 02 : brg2 part 2 03-2bb3007   brg2 part 2 04-1gtkzil 1What is your topic and how has it evolved/changed after all the diptychs you’ve created? My topic is “Environment”, and for my final two diptychs I focus… Continue Reading →

Space&Materiality: Project#1

We started the project by cutting the chipboard into 40 strips. Then we made them into 2 grids Then we were asked to transform the 2 grids into an object Work in progress ⬆️ Final practice work ⬇️   In… Continue Reading →

Studio2: Mind Mapping

lp mind mapping After looking at my mind mapping, I decide to focus on the branch that I’m most interested in– INDUSTRIALIZATION Here are some research and pictures I find:   https://www.sfgate.com/living/article/Steampunk-s-subculture-revealed-3206839.php Industrialization/steampunk https://people.howstuffworks.com/steampunk1.htm http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2017/11/yang-yongliang-time-immemorial/ Urbanization/City https://www.citylab.com/design/2017/09/how-svea-josephy-blends-art-and-urbanization/538836/

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