Bridge2: Peer to Peer _ Overcome fears

Materials: cotton, scrap of thin cloth, thread I created wearable gloves to protect my partner, Lesley, from her fear. Lesley is afraid of pointed items. She said she is scared of sharp objects because she thinks they are going to hurt her. Therefore, I made fleecy gloves so that she can touch every sharp thing. In the video, […]

2-D Design Repetition Project Grid (Photoshop and Drawing)

Materials: In class figure drawing and Photoshop I tried to use abstraction, representation, black and white relationships, organized chaos, void and mass, visual relationships, and the grid of the part of the figure drawing.  

Wire Hand Holding a keyChain

Material: Wire I always forgot where I put my key, so I spent a lot of time to find my key every morning. Therefore, I would like to make space for my keychain. Finally, I do not need to spend my time for looking for my key anymore!  

Memoir Reflection

In Seminar, I learned how to write a letter and also how to make a video in a simple way. I am not a good writer, and also, I do not usually write a letter or email, so I did not exactly know about the format of letter writing before I learned it in the […]

Bridge 1: Memoir

I made this video based on the letter that I wrote to my future self. I have already made my brand name, CREHJY and the name has two meaning. The first meaning is “create” + “Hyunji Yoon” which is my real name. I am a very creative person, so the brand name is strongly related […]

Wire Portrait

Materials: a wire I did a contour drawing of one of my classmates’ faces, Jacqueline, with using wires.

Self Portrait in Food

Materials: a bamboo, ink, color pencils, markers Since I came to New York, my meal plan has changed. Everything is expensive, and I became swamped because of the school works. I ate a banana every morning for building my body muscles after finishing to kickbox in Korea but now, not anymore. I eat an apple […]

Repurposing an Earphone

Material: a bamboo, ink, color pencils, brushes I drew inspiration from an earphone. The flowers in the picture represent me. Whenever I am confused about something or my reaction to a situation is stressful, I just listen to music with an earphone to organize my crazy thoughts. Therefore the roots are what I think. There are many different colors inside […]

About Me

Prompt Questions: Tell me about you and your work/art! : I am Hyunji Yoon but I go by Ellie in the USA. I do love painting and drawing and I also like making sculptures.  Where are you from? Is this your first time in NYC? : I am from Daegu, South Korea and this is my […]

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