20s Video of 86th Station

The recent 86th Street Station may be considered a real piece of art, as the interior design that includes the exquisite works which were made by Chuck Close. His creative approach to depicting a human face with a high degree of realism led to the creation of the one of the most eye-catching station design […]

Story Board

Frist Draft

86 Street (Q) Station

A flower blooming in Ancient Capital – ふみこみどり Zion. T – 뻔한 멜로디 (Inst.) crush – 가끔(instrumental) [INSTRUMENTAL] BIGBANG – Zutter(쩔어) (GD & T.O.P) Big Bang- LAST DANCE Instrumental

30 Second Video in The Subway Stations

This video is about my journal from Union Square to Grand Central.

My Own Diagrams of Two Different Rooms

My first bridge project is to create my own diagrams of my current apartment and my childhood apartment.  The first one is my childhood house, and the second one is my current house. I think both diagrams and systems are very clear because I consulted floorplans from the online, and I tried to replicate the […]

2D to 3D

I made these as the spirit takes me; I mean I just followed my feeling and made these whatever I felt and wanted. I think it is a little bit abstract and weird, but because it became strange and also because I followed my feeling, so I do love it so much. There are different […]

Project 1: A Life is Never Ending

Idea Sketch Process Final work Video)  IMG_8340-225l1zg I think time; past, present, and future never stops and just keeps moving and moving, but it is still never-ending. Even we die, I think we can start another life in this one circle shape.

Final Wearable Project

I was inspired by Fish lamps and Korean admiral clothes, Yi Soon Shin, which have similar patterns and shapes. Both functions of scales are protecting them from danger, and I wanted to combine these two different objects, for I wanted to try a new experience that I have never done before, which are to mix foreign artworks and Korean history together. […]

Bridge 5: Reflection & Moving Ahead

Introduction Hello, I am Ellie, and my major is fashion design. I am a traveler, and I love fashion styling and taking pictures. Now I am living by myself with two Chihuahuas. These all are my favorite materials. I like to cover my artworks with masking tapes. I also like to use recycled objects such […]

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