Project #3 – The Figure In Motion (Drawing and Photoshop)

Materials: Photoshop and charcoal drawing   Before I did Project #3, I practiced doing photoshop to be more flexible for using photoshop. Then this is my final piece of Project #3.

2-D Design Repetition Project Grid (Photoshop and Drawing)

Materials: In class figure drawing and Photoshop I tried to use abstraction, representation, black and white relationships, organized chaos, void and mass, visual relationships, and the grid of the part of the figure drawing.  

Repurposing an Earphone

Material: a bamboo, ink, color pencils, brushes I drew inspiration from an earphone. The flowers in the picture represent me. Whenever I am confused about something or my reaction to a situation is stressful, I just listen to music with an earphone to organize my crazy thoughts. Therefore the roots are what I think. There are many different colors inside […]

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