Bridge 5: Artist Statement

Artist Statement The concepts that I explore in my work are very personal. My practice is focused on expressing my personality and a style that best reflects my interests. I would like my art to share thoughts and feelings that I am unable to articulate with words. I had serious worries of my own that […]

Bridge 4: Introduction to Research

Why did the artist, Giorgio De Chirico, make a dark and mysterious concept of his artwork; notably the main character, what is the purpose of being a weird character?   ____________________________ References Adams, Ellen, and Emily Braun. 1996. Giorgio De Chirico And America. Turin: Allemandi. Alberton, Roberto, and Silvia Pegoraro. 2010. Giorgio De Chirico. Cinisello Balsamo, Milano: Silvana Editoriale. Arnason, […]

Descriptive Writing: Public Art

This appealing graffiti is on 276 Elizabeth Street in Soho, and actually, this is one of my favorite artworks in New York City. For my perspective, an unknown artist who drew this graffiti has chosen the light pink as a full-background color, for one of the meanings of pink color is “inner peace,” which a young man in […]

Memoir Reflection

In Seminar, I learned how to write a letter and also how to make a video in a simple way. I am not a good writer, and also, I do not usually write a letter or email, so I did not exactly know about the format of letter writing before I learned it in the […]

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