Final Wearable Project

I was inspired by Fish lamps and Korean admiral clothes, Yi Soon Shin, which have similar patterns and shapes. Both functions of scales are protecting them from danger, and I wanted to combine these two different objects, for I wanted to try a new experience that I have never done before, which are to mix foreign artworks and Korean history together. […]


I made the hands with plaster and used broken plaster and free woods for creating a base. Then I painted with silver color and black color. Before it became dried, I sprinkle glitter on the wood and hands. After that, I stick some jewelry beans for decorations on the wood and around the hands. This project […]

Platonic Solids & Material Exploration

Materials: Bristol Paper, Tapes, thin plastic red and green papers  

Wire Hand Holding a keyChain

Material: Wire I always forgot where I put my key, so I spent a lot of time to find my key every morning. Therefore, I would like to make space for my keychain. Finally, I do not need to spend my time for looking for my key anymore!  

Wire Portrait

Materials: a wire I did a contour drawing of one of my classmates’ faces, Jacqueline, with using wires.

Self Portrait in Food

Materials: a bamboo, ink, color pencils, markers Since I came to New York, my meal plan has changed. Everything is expensive, and I became swamped because of the school works. I ate a banana every morning for building my body muscles after finishing to kickbox in Korea but now, not anymore. I eat an apple […]

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