Bag of Bag of Bag.

This is the container for my a little needle box. This is a container for a little needle box’s container. I did knitting for the bag shoulder strap. I started to make a bag, and I put wired for keeping opening the bag. This is the bag that I made. IMG_2840-23n1zy5 This is a detail […]

Multiple Function: Bag, Pillow, and Hat

This object has three functions, which are a hat, travel bag, and Pillow. This needs a lot of challenges to make it, especially, when I start to make it. It makes me think a lot in a creative way because it should have the object’s function, but it should not look like the object. Besides, […]

Headdress for my hero

This project is for my hero, and his name is MinSeok Bang. He is one of the popular and famous fashion companies CEOs in Korea. He has always been trying to be different from normal; he also thinks a lot of the different and very unique ideas. He loves creative activities, which actually help a […]

2D to 3D

I made these as the spirit takes me; I mean I just followed my feeling and made these whatever I felt and wanted. I think it is a little bit abstract and weird, but because it became strange and also because I followed my feeling, so I do love it so much. There are different […]

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