Color Walk: An Observation of Tennis Ball Green

It appeared swiftly, on the body of a boy passing by. The tennis ball green on each fiber of the fuzzy faux fur coat. The color stood out like red wine on white clothing, except this coat was a vivid stain in a mass full of dull grays and blues. Following the brilliant neon, my eyes are taken atop a man’s head where he has wrapped his hair in the same colored material. My eyes caught sight of the same color, yet now it was tied to a light post. It eerily bobbed up and down in the wind and read words of warning: CAUTION. Following suit, I see the movement of a bright yellow cone knocked from it’s line only to roll into the road to bathe in a greyish-brown mud puddle. I walked up to take a look at the shallow murky water and spotted the very color I had been searching the streets for in my own reflection. If I had just taken a glance down, I would have noticed the intense tennis ball green belt. I wore it with my nude pants and brown shirt to create a color contrast of neon and neutral. This brilliant neon color is not only used to emphasize a vivid color juxtaposition, it is also used to employ words of warning to notify the public of danger through cautionary measures: signals, signs, cones, tape, etc. The color is manipulated in fashion and public safety for its bright intensity.

Initial draft :

on the body of a boy, tennis ball green stained to every single hair

keeping my pants up, weaved into my pants: a lemon lime belt

tied to a post and flailing in the wind, neon caution tape eerily tossing in the air

wrapped, a head scarf bright and brilliant yellow


though the color is so often used in cautionary measures: signals, signs, cones, tape, and more

it finds another home on the bodies of the masses: juxtaposing the neutral against neon


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